Casting for a horror film “SPLINTER” written by: John K. Reshetar, Produced and being Directed by Visions Soar Productions.

Logline: A skilled but flawed professional carpenter in Philadelphia is
struggling financially but once he sustains a nasty splinter, he
slowly goes insane.

In order to create, you have to die.

Peter Spring – Caucasian(30’s) The main character. A talented but young
and flawed carpenter. Started his own wood décor business and
works at different craft fairs to make ends meet but is lately
failing. Eger and passionate, but desperate. Has a lot of
anger boiling inside.

Maria Ford – (20’s) Caucasian. A complete mystery. A love interest of
Peter’s. Full of desire and lust, but dangerous and outspoken.
She almost seems “inhuman”.

Christopher Campbell – (50’s) Caucasian. Peter’s craft fair friend and
rival. He is also a carpenter, but far more skillful and
experienced. Makes high quality cutting boards and makes a
killing doing it. Boisterous, fat, and unfaithful to his wife.

Ali Offerman – (30’s) African American. Peter’s roommate and
best friend since high school. Works as a box office manager at
a theatre company. Tries to help Peter find a better, more
secure career path but to no success. Becomes concerned over
his altered behavior.

Pricilla – (40’s) Caucasian. A craft fair coordinator. Overly fluffy and
jittery but is strictly by the book.

Sydney Harmon – (30’s) African American. A Philadelphia
detective investigating a disappearance.

Elizabeth Sanders – (20’s) Caucasian. Sydney’s partner. A complete mystery

Also needed are extras and minor speaking roles.

To be considered: Please submit headshots, resumes, and reels to with role of interest in the subject line. If selected to audition, we will provide further details with sides to do a self read. Please note: Principal photography is scheduled to begin sometime around early fall and all talent must have complete availability for filming, otherwise, do not submit. We look forward to receiving submissions!