Golf anyone?! Visions Soar Productions is casting for a golf comedy feature and this will be epic as we have two very creative writers to bring this vision to life. Below are the breakdown of the characters which we are requesting professional headshots, resumes, reels if possible and very good comedic timing. In addition, having knowledge for the game of golf would be preferable. Please send all information as well as the character to be considered for in the subject line to:, thank you!


 Frank Marabella – 60-70 years old. High School Golf Coach. Stern, strict, and not
afraid to yell at a bad golf shot or a missed put. You’d think he was related to Bobby
Knight. He will put you in shape. Former amateur golfer that could have gone pro but
never quite made it. Knows the game of golf inside and out. Think Kurtwood Smith’s
character Red Foreman from That 70’s Show.

 Ned Vincent or “Gumbo” – 50-60 years old. Groundskeeper at golf course for 20
years. Called “Twitchy” by the golfers because he suffered from brain damage as a
caddy. Some say it was a golf ball that struck him in the head, some say he survived a
Mafia hit, no one really knows. Used to caddy Frank and they’ve never spoke since “The
Incident on the Course”. Plays gold well, even with his condition. Can snipe someone
with a golf ball if need be.

 Benny Sobadka – Teen’s. Part of the Practice Squad. Junior in High School. Played
golf for years but nowhere near as experience as he should be. His dad plays golf and
thinks he can be good enough to join the playing team this year. Unsure of himself, lousy
with women.

 Niko Bonanno – Teen’s. Part of the Practice Squad. Junior in High School. Short in
stature. Italian. Always goes for the safe shot in golf, is consistently mediocre but he
uses it to his strength. Very smart, uses statistics and strategy to help his game, nerdy.
Can’t seem to hit The Driver off the tee otherwise he could play even better. Not afraid
to come up with a quip on the bullies. Friends with Benny and usually partners up with

 Darnell Bradshaw – Teens. Senior in High School. African American. Heavy-set kid.
Not in good physical shape but can crush the ball off the tee with a driver. The rest of his
game sucks. No short game, no chipping. Tries to drive the green every time. Just wants
one last chance at joining the starting lineup.
 Tuuka Ciobanu – Teens. Sophmore in High School. Part of the Practice Squad.
Foreign exchange student from Moldova. Never even held a gold club until three weeks
ago and only made the practice squad because the school had no choice. The worst
golfer on the team but he gets a pass because he’s foreign. Get’s called “Niki” by the
starters. Doesn’t get sarcasm or jokes. Very foreign.
 Manny McFarland – Teen’s. Senior in High School. Part of the Practice Squad.
African American. Skinny as a rail. Cocky and quick with a joke. A young “Chris
Rock” type. Fancies himself as an eventual Tiger Woods. He has his good games, has
his really bad games. Get’s on Franks nerves quite a bit. Always seems to have a
 Thad “Timber” Johnston – Teens. Junior in High School. Part of the Practice Squad.
Heavy-set white kid who constantly rips on his teammates and gets destroyed in the
process. He is the living embodiment of “Eric Cartman”. He does well on the course,

but every time the coach is in sight or watches him, he makes the worst golf shots
imaginable. Shanks, slices, hits cars, people.
 Lacey Mellon – Teens. Junior in High School. Caucasian. Part of the Practice Squad.
She is an attractive girl but not a supermodel. There might be a kid on the team who is
crushing on her hard. Occasionally gets ragged on by the starters behind her back. Plays
from the white tees, not the woman’s tees, because she thinks they’re sexist. Jokes about
threatening the #Metoo movement. Tries to prove herself she can be a starter even
without the mechanics to hit the ball far.


 Charles “Chuck” Kimachi – Teens. Senior in High School. Japanese. “The Best”
golfer on the team and maybe the best high school golfer in the nation. Mr. Popular in
school. Could easily beat some of the professional golfers on tour today. Got his clubs
handmade in Scotland. Quintessential jock, intimidating guy. Caught using steroids in
“The Scandal” and kicked off the team.
 Carson Wyler – Teens. Senior in High School. The worst golfer on the Starting Squad
and probably should on the Practice Squad but he’s a senior and get’s seniority. “The
Hype Man” of the team. Knows how to rile up a crowd and get people pumped.
Charismatic, but not the most intelligent. Think “Thad Castle” from Blue Mountain
State. He’s the only one not busted on steroid use because the other guys didn’t tell him
they were going to. Ends up with the Practice Squad when the player switch happens.
Thinks he should be #1 but shouldn’t be.


 High School Principle – Female 40 years old
 Club House Employees – 20 to 30 years old
 An Immortal Scotsman – A Highlander who inspires them in a dream?