Our agency (www.hello-piacere.com) has been hired to cast 6 female subjects that fit the criteria around a consumer documentary-type project.

Ages Casting: 6 Females
1 gen z (18-22)
1 young millennial (22-30)
1 older millennial (30-39)
2 gen x (40-55)
1 younger boomer (55-70)

2 Latina
1 African American
1 Asian
2 Caucasian / White

About you:
love shopping
-see or try the latest products
-enjoy getting out, discovering new things while in store

2 alpha beauties // see themselves as influencers
-highly knowledgeable
-blog or post about beauty

skin care
hair care

Compensation $$:

We will have a 10 minute screener phone call to ensure you fit the criteria needed

If you fit the criteria:

• 60 minute interview via zoom – incentive $100
-Interviews between May 15-26 // 9am-5pm ct

• 90 minute – 2 hour in-depth interview zoom call – incentive $200
-We will Fedex you an audio recorder to use during the zoom call to record audio (we will teach you how to use it)
-Interviews between June 1-5 // 9am-5pm ct

• Up to 6 hours of shooting on a separate day
-Shooting to happen on June 13 or 14 (must be available for both days) – incentive $500

other requirements:
-Must agree to be filmed if chosen with some filming in home and some around the community (shopping, walking, etc.) by a single
cameraperson who will keep socially distance and wear gloves and a mask
This is going to be an ongoing study, so you must be willing to continue to be interviewed monthly, bi-monthly or
quarterly (additional compensation of $700 each time)
-Will not be paid incentive if chosen and drop out
recruiting requirements:

We look forward to working with. be sure to follow @hellopiacere for additional job postings.

Thanks again!