GloToGrow Productions is casting Benny’s Gone, a short film by local filmmaker Udochi Ekwerike.

Logline: Indigo mourns her beloved pet bunny, Benny, after her little sister accidentally kills him. The two sisters’ journey to burying Benny together teaches them a lesson about forgiveness, acceptance, and death.

Project Length: 6-7 minutes
Shooting Locations: West Philadelphia
Director: Udochi Ekwerike
Casting Director: Elena Ordille
Compensation: (UNPAID) Travel and Meals Compensated
Key Dates: Production Date: March 7th OR March 14th; Rain Date: March 21st, 2020
Auditions: Video Submission

Character Descriptions:

Blossom (age 6-7, Ethnicity: Black): Blossom is very innocent, unassuming, and adorable. She wants nothing more than to have a loving relationship with her sister Indigo and has a history of going out of her way to offer her older sister help and it backfiring…like when she accidentally killed Indigo’s pet bunny, Benny.

Indigo (age 10-12, Ethnicity: Black): Indigo keeps up a hard exterior as this is the age where she feels most misunderstood by everyone and thing except for pet bunny, Benny, the only ‘person’ for her that she finds comfort. Now that he’s gone through the accidental death caused by her younger sister, Blossom, Indigo is at her lowest, and it shows no matter how hard she tries to suppress it.


Actresses can choose a monologue of choice for the role that best fits their character, however we will provide sides for video auditions to be read either solo or with a scene partner.

Video submissions will be accepted until February 23rd, 2020. Please email Elena at to receive sides, submit video auditions, and for any further inquiries.

Actresses MUST BE AVAILABLE March 7th and 14th, 2020.