Project: Non-union; Single-scene student short film
Compensation: Unpaid; Meals & Reels
Dates and Location: One day shoot (7/28 or 7/29, TBD); Camden, NJ

Hi all! I’m an emerging filmmaker and Sundance Collab Community Leader shooting a scene as a part of a Sundance Collab Directing Workshop taught by Rebecca Murga. While I cannot offer financial compensation, I hope to create an inclusive community of collaborators behind this project where we can learn from each other and practice our craft together. Footage for your reels, hearty meals, crafty, and PPE will also be provided. This short will be centering Southeast Asian womxn, and POC are especially encouraged to apply. I can’t wait to meet you!

Description: A young woman confronts her old mentor to seek forgiveness. When denied, she must find her own path forward and acceptance from the community her mentor represents.


Nary: 25-35, Woman/Non-binary
Recovering addict and aspiring entrepreneur. Had turned to substances and partying with a local street gang to cope with the banality of working what she perceived to be a tough, dead-end job at the laundrette and no hopes of saving up enough money to open her own business. During this time, she had also been stealing from Sokha. After a recent overdose and stint at rehab, Nary has decided to come clean on all accounts.

Sokha: 45-65, Woman
Single mother of two. Had long ago given up on her big dreams in favor of a steady paycheck from the laundrette to support her family. She works hard, both at the shop and in her neighborhood, and has gained the respect of the community. She sees a glimpse of her younger herself in Nary, and continues to support her despite her addiction in hopes of helping Nary find stability like herself.

Ethnicities preferred: Cambodian, Southeast Asian (Vietnamese, Laotian, Burmese, Indonesian, etc.)

TO AUDITION: please send a headshot/photo, resume, and reel to WashWithLikeColorsFilm@gmail.com with CAST in the subject line. If you don’t have a reel but are interested in auditioning, send a message with more information about yourself.

For everyone’s safety, we ask that all cast and crew be fully vaccinated (proof required).