Temple University Senior Thesis Film

Grier: A film that explores a humdrum and sadistic female, as she spirals out of control in the face of the truth and learns her evil tendencies might be genetic.

Compensation: PAID

Filming December 20-23, 2019 in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


Grier (Female, 20-30) An all over the place female in her twenties, struggling to find her way. Stuck between passions and under the constant scrutiny of her own mother. Sadistic, stubborn and hot headed.

Father John (Male, 60s+) Catholic priest with good intentions that tries his best to look out for the people of his church. Tries to guide the youth to make the right decision.

Sloane/Nadia (Female, 50-60) Sloane: Couth older woman with strong connections to her faith. Introverted, judgmental, and close minded.
Nadia: Convicted felon. Loud and outgoing, and sticks to what she believes in.
***both these roles will be played by the same person

Amelia (Female, 50+) Pristine and put together Funeral Director. Know it all who will not settle for anyone else’s opinions.

If interested, please contact grierthefilm@gmail.com