Filming Dates: April 13th – April 14th
Location: Lehigh Valley Area
Submission Requirements: Please include in your email your resume, head shot, and any performance clips, reels, or projects you recently worked on.

Roles Include:
Character’s Name: Melissa Hayes
Age Range: 18-26
Gender: Female

Melissa Hayes is a off-center yet straight to the point high school junior going to her first prom. Mel likes a boy by the name Eric Mason, unfortunately he did not get the chance to ask her to be his date, because one of her friends needs Mel to tag along side her. More problems start to arise when she tells her friend how she’s dragging her around. Along with Eric has not shown up to prom and it’s making her worried. Mel wants to get through prom and have a memory she would like to remember.

Character’s Name: Eric Mason
Age Range: 18-26
Gender: Male

Eric is strain on the side of the road, on his way to prom. Eric Mason is the kid at school where everyone remembers his name, but forgets his face. He’s always associated with the words like: nice, friendly and thoughtful. Now Eric isn’t known for handling stress very well as he stands on the side of the road wondering how he’s gonna explain this whole situation to Mel (the girl he likes).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you!