Casting 2 roles for a short film about the pervasiveness of corporate advertising and the lengths people will go to make money versus the lengths people will go to save money.

BADVERTISE is the story of RACHEL, a 20-something woman who’s pretty tight on cash but decides to order delivery when her fridge is empty, and RICH, the 20-something delivery guy who has the opportunity to make a lot of money if he can convince Rachel to buy some soap. Things get a little bit uncomfortable when she refuses to give in but he refuses to give up.

Please submit a video of yourself telling a story in lieu of a traditional self-tape. It can be a true story or a tall tale, something that happened to you or a friend or something you’ve heard and thought was interesting. I’m just trying to get a sense of your energy and verbal storytelling skills, so please don’t feel the need to be overly formal. The more conversational, the better!

This should be a pretty relaxed set with one main location and two scenes elsewhere, with a small crew of friendly, interesting people. Meals will be provided!

Please submit applications and videos to, you can attach the video directly to the email or send a google drive link.