*** Casting Call ***

Title: Mouse’s Lament
Company: Ugly Lizard Productions
Director: Brian MacNeel
Submission Deadline: 02/15/19
Submission Type: Electronic

Shooting Dates: TBD, Three days in April
Pay: Principal Yes, Supporting, No*
Email: Casting@Uglylizard.com

Email Casting@uglylizard.com to receive information and sides.

*If you are SAG and would like to submit for one of the supporting roles, we would pay ULB upon casting*

Logline: Mouse, a petty criminal who is in some money trouble, discovers something dark going on in his neighborhood when he attempts to rob a rich couple.

Casting for the following roles:

Male – 18-25 – Caucasian
Lead/ Paid
Mouse might not be the biggest guy in the neighborhood, but he’s got the attitude and wit it takes to survive. For this reason, the neighborhood respects him. At times he can even be cocky, and it’s gotten him into trouble in the past.

Male – 18-30 – Any Race
Unpaid, Needed for one day only
Baggis is Mouse’s eccentric friend. He’s from the same neighborhood, but he hasn’t quite been blessed with the same street smarts. Baggis is anxious and socially awkward. The actor portraying him would have to really commit to a unique personality.

Mr. Reed
Male – 40-50 – Any Race
Unpaid, Needed for one day only
Mr. Reed is all class. He comes from old money and is cold in his demeanor. He has a tendency of being harsh with Mrs. Reed. There is something dark in his core.

Mrs. Reed
Female – 35-45 – Any Race
Unpaid, Needed for one day only
Mrs. Reed is quietly submissive to Mr. Reed. She sometimes has panic attacks and is always a little bit on edge.

Email Casting@Uglylizard.com to receive sides and breakdown!