Casting a Comedy/Horror Short Film

Script is 15 pages long and we are looking to start filming this month!

Character Breakdown:

SAM: Any age/Ethnicity. Nosy co-worker who loves to know what is going on around the office. Casual friends with Erin (Lead).

RICHARD: Any Ethnicity. Age 50+. Current Boss who is excited to retire in a few weeks. Mentally checked out of work and does not want to deal with any unnecessary bullshit.

CANDACE: Any Ethnicity. Age 30+. Excited and eager to start her new position but lives a double life outside of work hours.


KATHY: Voiceover for the opening scene.

RECEPTIONIST: Featured extra, new receptionist at the end of script.

IMDB Credit provided as well as meals while on set. Sides will be provided for those chosen to audition. Please email Madison at with headshot, resume and reels and questions if you have any! Looking forward to hearing from you.