Looking for Actors and Extras for the short film A Toda Costa. A Toda Costa is about A protective father challenges his daughter’s boyfriend to the most dangerous of tests to prove himself worthy of her and of the drug cartel. The short film will be one of four in a new anthology series called Coming To Dinner.

Casting Description:

Jagger – 18 year old White male, Amalia’s boyfriend, always wants to make a good impression. He had an upper class upbringing and was raised by two neoliberal attorneys. Timid, a goody two shoes, and liberal.

Rafael – 54 year old Mexican male, Amalia’s father, he is strong willed, traditional and stoic.

Leonardo – 19 year old Mexican male, apart of Rafael’s cartel. He looks up to Rafael and is afraid Jagger will take his place as Rafael’s son figure. Loyal and protective.

Tito – 50 year old Mexican male, Rafael’s right hand man, stoic and hard to read. He is loyal to Rafael.

Extras must be Latinx. Extras of all ages are welcomed.