Casting Call
“At All Cost”
Roles: Short Film – Non-Union

Logline: In an attempt to intertwine her past and present, Ophelia invites her birth mother to a family dinner with her adoptive family.

Ophelia – 24 year old African American woman, graduated college and works at a public relations office. She is extremely close to her sister Rayya and holds the idea of family close to her heart. She has natural curly hair and a loving but sometimes reserved demeanor. Empathetic, Strong minded, and Fiesty.
Rayya – 26 year old Korean woman, works in an office job. She is a colorful person that always brings out the best in others. However, she tends to sometimes give in to others wishes to appease them. She loves her sister, Ophelia, and is always ready protect her.
Peter – Late-50’s year old Korean man, is the father of Ophelia and Rayya. He is a serious businessman that cares about his family and job, in that order. Protective, loving towards his family and stoic towards people outside of his family.
Ji-ae – Late-50’s year old Korean woman, is the mother of Ophelia and Rayya. She was diagnosed years ago with early onset alzheimer’s and is rapidly losing her memory. She is a loving mother and wife and used to have a feisty personality. Ophelia has gotten a lot of her personality from her.
Shannon- Early-mid 50’s year old African American woman, is the biological mother of Ophelia. She has a quiet demeanor but underneath a strong personality. She wants to make amends with Ophelia for her past mistakes.

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Shooting Dates: April 19th-21st
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