Description: A group of film nerds set up overnight at an abandoned movie theater known to locals as BLOOD THEATER. And it does not take them long to find out where that name comes from when they release hell on earth. Satan’s Slumber Party is a throwback to 80s slimy horror in the style of Sorority Babes in a slime bowl o rama and Evil Dead.

Shooting Dates: End of August into September


Sam: male, shaggy haired, 30’s

Angela: female, raven haired beauty with pale skin and black lipstick, 20’s-30’s

Ted: male, a chubby bearded guy in a metal t shirt, 20’s – 30’s

Bruce: male, unshaven kinda greasy delivery driver, late 30’s

Mandy, Candy and Pam: female, all bubble headed and sexy, late 20’s (skimpy clothing will be the wardrobe of these characters)

Demon Queen- Female. 30’s-40’s. very dark exotic. sexual look. films main villain

Send a headshot and resume to:

**If you have auditioned for us before and are wondering what is happening with that production, do not worry! We will be getting those projects started come fall. Keep an eye out for production updates.**