Our Philly CAM film “Dangdut in America” is setting up a casting call looking for people in Delaware and the surrounding states and cities to help with our 15 minute short film.

Dangdut in America is about Kaya Tambunen a college student from Indonesia who moves to America for college in hopes of becoming a singer and bringing her Indonesian music and influences to America. Not everything is easy for Kaya as she is by herself in a class of people she does not know trying to prove she has what is takes to swim with the rest of her class in Vocal Music 101. Making only one friend in the class who is in her corner,and being led under a rough around the edges professor who does not accept change or variety, can Kaya rise to the occasion to put her foot down for the cultural arts she believes in? Can Dangdut music actually be accepted by America?

Here is who we are looking for:

Perth – 20’s to 30’s – Kaya’s main supporter in helping her discover her worth and potential. Perth is also kind of goofy.

Mrs. Torrington – 45 to 50’s – rough around the edges professor. Doesn’t think Kaya’s music should be accepted into America. Kind of snarky, snake like, and mean. She means a lot of business.

Please send your picture as well as an acting resume to karasimon001@gmail.com with the role you are auditioning for in the subject.

Thank you!!!