A short film will be filmed October 20 in Philadelphia.
Synopsis: Two tipsy teens eager for fun, departs a boring party for a locked up secluded room. The curiosity of one leads to unexpected events

It’s a pretty simple film (5 pages) that will be completed in one day. Sunday, Oct 20 11am-7pm

All Race may apply. Must be over 18 years old to apply. There is no max age limit but since the characters are youthful (college) we would prefer actors who fit that image
Jack: Full day $100

Jack: The most adventurous of the two. His curiosity leads him to an interesting series of events

Jill: The cautious’s one out of the two. She’s the opposite of Jack: plays it safe and doesn’t like to cause trouble

Jack: FULL DAY $100
Jill: HALF – $50

To apply for a role, submit your interest through email. I will send a script and you can respond with a video audition.