“To Whom It May Concern” is a feature film about a misanthrope who tries to reacquaint himself with his old friends, but quickly remembers why he stopped acquainting with them in the first place.

We are casting for multiple roles. The payment for each role will be stipend, but will vary based on importance of character, acting skill, and experience.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we are required to move fast.

Our table read takes place this Saturday, March 19, at 10:30am. While it’s not mandatory that you attend this, it is preferred.

Shoots begin March 26 in Manayunk and southern New Jersey areas.

The roles we are currently casting for are as follows:


Patrick is a character who puts no thoughts into his actions. He follows his first impulse under every circumstance. He is a foul mouthed womanizer who’s love of alcohol and women leads him find himself in troubling circumstances.

For this role, there is a sex scene, but it does NOT require any nudity, and very little is shown. However, it does require you to be shirtless.

Physical Characteristics: Tall/Muscular

Personality Traits: Impulsive, Debaucherous, Dumb


Nico at his very core is an optimist. He always keeps other’s best interests in mind, but doesn’t always have the attention span to notice when someone needs help.

Personality traits: Chill, Optimistic, Oblivious

Physical Characteristics: Can vary depending on actor.