Chasing Shakespeare is a short film about an egotistical professor, and his group of disinterested students.

We are casting for multiple roles with varying payments. The payment for each role will depend on the importance of the character, and how many lines they will speak in the film. (Some roles are volunteer only)

The possible roles are as follows.


Julien Cotswold:

(Protagonist) He graduated with an MFA in creative writing and looks to dethrone Shakespeare as the “Greatest Writer of the English language.” He took up a job at university teaching a writing workshop to pay his bills. The only problem is, being a professor takes up more of his time and effort then he bargained for. Julien is a well dressed, dapper young man who’s vocabulary is so deep it’s annoying. The role calls for someone witty, who can bounce off other actors, and likes to get a deep understanding of the character.
Although Julien is a young man (in his mid to late 20s) we will not deny submissions if the applicant is older as long as they fit the role.

(Supporting Character) Elizabeth is a college professor, (Around Julien’s age. Give or take a few years) and Julien’s office mate. She teaches writing composition, and takes her role in her student’s lives very seriously. She is determined, hardworking and hates distractions. Her biggest distraction is Julien, who uses Elizabeth as a reluctant shoulder to cry on. And although, she doesn’t want to help him she can’t ignore the fact that he’s a teacher, and if she’s helping him, she’s helping students.


(Antagonist) Logan is an older college freshman (early 20s) who is returning to school after a brief stint at community college. He is seeking a career as screenwriter, and begins to think that college is his only way to do so. However, when he enters Julien’s class, he quickly remembers why he dropped out the first time.

(Supporting Character) Kylie is a young college sophomore (Late teens) who thought the creative writing workshop would be an interesting, fun, and easy way to get credit for an elective course. She has no idea what she has gotten herself into.

(Supporting Character) Eric is a college junior (late teens/early 20s) who took the class because he thought he would be a good way for him to show off and meet girls. He doesn’t have a particular interest in writing, and views the workshop as the class he can get the “C” in this semester.

(Supporting Character) Beck is in his first semester of college. (Late teens) He never got a chance to really express himself in high school and views the workshop as his chance to do so. He loves writing, and sharing his work, but not listening. Beck is a motor mouth character who always has a lot to say, but never knows when to stop.

(Supporting Character) Seth should’ve never gone to college. His parents forced him and now he sleeps during class and can’t wait to drop out so he can just smoke pot and play video games.


(Supporting Character) Sasha is around Julien’s age and is the eye of his affection. She’ll give him a chance. She is a film connoisseur and thinks Julien can benefit from understanding the impact that films can have on a person.

Although the roles have specific ages we will not deny submissions if the applicant is older or younger as long as they fit the part. We welcome students to apply, even if without prior experience. Please include a headshot with your application, along with any reels or anything else you’d like to include.

The dates for the shoots are not scheduled yet. We are waiting for everyone to be casted so that we can work with our actors schedule.