Visions Soar Productions is looking for character for an upcoming sizzle reel project called “Heroes of Iron and Leather”

*This reel could lead to a possible roll in the soon coming feature film*

Directed by: Chuck Rayner
Casting Director: Mariel Ferry

This is a very inspiring true story about a high school football team from Garfield, New Jersey who are all immigrants to this country. Despite all odds and just being introduced to the game, they manage to put together one of the most unbelievable seasons of all time and are one of the top teams in the country. The number one high school football team in the nation is a school from Miami. The coach of Miami challenges the team from New Jersey to an unofficial national championship game in the Orange Bowl on Christmas Day. Garfield upsets Miami in a historically thrilling game on a game winning field goal. Back in Garfield, the school gym is packed with thousands of people hearing a play by play over the loudspeaker. After the victory, the celebration is so intense that a crack appears on the school floor and the town goes crazy like they just won the world.

Benjamin “Benny” Babula – #16 “Bam Bam” 17 years old, 191 lbs. Polish, blonde “Dream Child”. Tough as nails, strong grip but gentle giant of a guy. Plays QB for the Boilermakers and defense. Team Captain and team leader. Works in a meat packing plant with his father Michael, born in
Poland. Lives in Clifton, just outside of Garfield. Has a girlfriend (Violet Frankovic). Drove to school in Garfield every day. Kicked the 22 yard field goal against Miami in the “Orange Bowl” on Christmas Day, 1939.

Art Argauer – Late 30’s – early 40’s. Middle height, brown hair, clean shaven. German who immigrated to America. Head Coach of the Garfield Boilermakers. Won a State Championship in 1938 but could never get to National level. Knows the game of football very well. Used a lot of “Single Wing Run” formations in his schemes.

John Grembowitz – #33 Football player for the Garfield Boilermakers. 17 years old, curly brown hair, tall. Running back. Scored rush TD in the Miami game. Smart, great in school and football. Best friends with Benny as they would drive together to go out. He and Benny were the only freshmen to play varsity football in high school. His father Frank was killed in a car crash in 1929 and lives with his mother and siblings. His defense was incredible as he could run down ball carriers with ease.

Walter Young – #23 17 years old. Football player for the Garfield Boilermakers. German. Parents were German immigrants from the German Democratic Republic, Communist East Germany. Parents were farmers. Father left family to go back to Germany to provide for them in America. Not well off. Live on a crowded 2nd floor in a house. Shared a room with siblings. His parents were NOT supportive of him playing football and neither was his local church. He never quit and never game up. Worked his ass off to be with the team. His best friend was Jack Boyle, the left guard on the team. Irish immigrant.

Jesse Yarborough – Late 30’s – Early 40’s. Tall, wore glasses, brown receding hairline. Coach of the Miami Stingarees. Went to Clemson and played football their, nickname “Mule”. A hard ass coach. Built a powerhouse team since 1937 and they’ve maintained a history of excellence. Didn’t want to play The Boilermakers. Thought they were beneath him and his team.

“Little Davey” Eldredge – #1. 18 years old, 151lbs. Blonde, mid height. Almost a spit image of Benny. Played QB for the Miami Stingarees. Ran all over opponents and his team in 1939 never allowed more than 13 points in all games TOTAL. Ran a 77-yard TD in the Orange Bowl.

Mayor Gabriel – 29 years old. Cleaned up Garfield, NJ for the better than was run by the Mob.

Al Karazen – Short. Black Hair. Played the game of his life in the “Orange Bowl” Made the final interception.

Wally Tabaka – #10 17 years old. Short-medium height. Short brown hair. Slightly above average physique. Didn’t play in the final game due to a knee injury.

Ted Husing – Late 30s-early 40s. Average height. Short black hair. Slightly receding hairline. Sports announcer for CBS Sports. Announced the big game and all information