Emily Dabney. Writer and filmmaker embarking on her second film as writer and director. First film, Being You was accepted into The Women’s Film Festival in Philadelphia, The Playhouse West Film Festival in Los Angeles & Philadelphia.

Auditions will be held the first week of August. Production will be in October.


A Boy’s Lie is about Mae, who is drawn down a cataclysmic path as she struggles to be the kind of lover that Adan needs.

Casting the following Characters:

Mae: Female, 20’s. Open ethnicity. A loving, hopeful, sensitive, open-minded young woman a bit unsure of herself and her worth. She is the story’s protagonist. There are scenes involving physical intimacy, including one with another girl.

Adan: Male, 20’s. Open ethnicity. A charismatic, fun young man a bit on the wild side. Adan is sensitive and loving yet also very self involved. He is the love interest of Mae. There are scenes involving physical intimacy.

Louis: Male, 20’s. Open ethnicity. A sensible, attractive, level headed young man. He is focused and lives his life without much drama.

Alex: Male, 20’s. Hispanic. A young, attractive homosexual man who is very fun and outgoing.

Karen: Female, Late 30’s-40’s. Caucasian. Adan’s neighbor and close friend. There is a scene involving physical intimacy.

Kathy: Female. 60’s. The mother of Adan. Over-zealous and very much obsessed with her son, Adan. Very kind, loving, nurturing, passionate.

Adan’s Father: Male. 60’s Very loving and kind. Doesn’t say much. His wife, Kathy takes the lead in most conversations.