We are seeking cast for or feature film titled League 215

Logline- League 215 is a Crime/Drama that follows the lives of a Philadelphia Rogue police unit, a ex cop and a vicious thug that runs a dangerous underground fight league.
Lead and supporting actors will have differed payment contingent upon any festival winning and distribution.

GUS-White Male late 20s mid 30s. Gus is a Alpha Male and a very tough guy. He has a wild streak. He is the lead of the rogue police task force.
TOMMY- White Male mid 20s ,early 30s.
TAZ-Black Male late 20s early 30s.Taz is a very intimidating man. He is a fighter and is very dangerous. (Tall muscular type)
JADA- Black female late 20s early 30s. Jada is the girlfriend of the Lead actor Malachi and mother to their son.
BONE- Black Male mid 20s early 30s. Bone is a big time hustler and feared man. He is the owner of a underground fight league (Bad Guy)
BODYGUARD- 18 or older white/black male muscular 6’5 or taller
CAPTAIN TOREZZ- Middle aged Spanish male, laid back strict personality
REBECCA- Early 30s White female. Internal affairs officer
HARRIS- Mid 30s black male, partner of Rebecca
AARON- late 20s early 30s black/white male.
UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICER- 18 or older white/black male
INMATE- Mid 30s black male
NEICY- early 20s black female. She is the sister of the Main character.
CAMERON- between 16-18 years old. He is the younger brother of the main character.
BENNY- Mid 20s Black/Spanish male

Please send Resume and Headshots to league215movie@gmail.com (reels and self tape audition monologues if availiable will be accepted)
Please put your character interest in the subject line.
If you do not fit a character description and still would like to apply please type “Open” in Subject line