Looking for people to fill all roles for “Make me feel” a story about two girls, Amber and Daesha, who are art rivals facing their differences and falling in love.

Characters needed:

Amber – 18-20 uptight, preppy, by the book kind of girl who doesnt quite understand why her supposedly perfect life makes her unhappy.

Daesha – 18-20 laid back, cool, uncaring kind of girl who is a bit of a loner and tries to crawl out of her brothers shadow and be seen.

Teacher – (any age over 22, race, or gender) teacher who pushes them to work together for the greater good.

Gabby and extras – group of girls and guys age 18-20 who are Amber’s friends.

Daesha’s mom – woman over 35 and up who ignores her presence.

(All applicants welcome!!)