Casting the following roles for short experimental film “How to Be Human.”

Nelson – Elderly african-american man in his 70s-80s. Nelson is a kind-hearted soul who is taking care of his sick wife on his fixed income in order to keep from putting her in a home care facility.

Nelson’s wife – Elderly african-american woman in her 70’s-80’s. She has progressed Alzheimer’s and is unable to speak.

Please send headshots and reel to

This is a highly emotive piece. Submissions that include reels or clips will be prioritized.

How to Be Human breakdown:

This film follows the trials and tribulations of six different characters from various stages of their lives. It’s a raw visual representation of the pain each one of us feels yet perseveres through. It’s a reminder that everyone has a story and has overcome some kind of mental, physical or emotional pain which connects all of us and teaches us how to be human.