TBA is a comedic sci-fi series set in pre apocalyptic Philadelphia that follows the lives of 4 misfit friends and local podcasters known as the Wolf Pack


Tim- 25-30 years old ANY ETHNICITY: Tim is a suave and conceited scientist who got to a high level by manipulation. Character comparison: Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother.”

Boss- 40+ years old CAUCASIAN: Is a middle aged man with a lot of vigor and little patience. Will get the job done by any means. He is ruthless and cut throat but has impeccable manners. Character comparison: General Ross from Marvel

Charlie- 25-30 years old ANY ETHNICITY: A scientist that works with one of the central characters who has a few secrets of his own.

To be considered: Must submit current professional headshot and resume to JDJONES851@GMAIL.COM, with role that you are interested in auditioning for in the subject line. Once received sides will be provided . Thank you and we look forward to receiving your submissions.