BFA Director/Writers Original Short Web Series

Logline: Emma Ortega, an English major and perfectionist usually on top of the game, suffers from writer’s block due to her inability to deal with her emotional blockage.

Writers: Chineme Aniagba and Shanel Ledesma
Director: Shanel Ledesma

Please send headshots / resumes and reels (if available) to by Wednesday, April 3rd. Auditions will be held Thursday, April 4th from 5-8pm. Location TBA.

***IMPORTANT: submitting actors must be available to shoot Saturday and Sunday, April 27th and 28th (expect full days). This project will also involve TWO independent rehearsals (flexible schedule) for major roles.

Seeking diverse actors for the following:

EMMA ORTEGA– 20, Latina. Responsible perfectionist, cares too much about everything and trying not to.

PASÍON ORTEGA– Early 20’s, Latina. Rebellious and outspoken. Tired of protecting Emma’s innocence and putting up with hypocrisy.

IFU IGWE– 20, Igbo-Nigerian. Chill but paranoid. Emma is her best friend and roommate.

MRS. BILDERI– 40’s, Therapist. Level-headed and friendly. Waiting for Emma to open up and accept her vulnerability.

BELLTOWER PREACHER– 40’s, Balding. Obsessed with saving the damned souls of the young and fortunate.

Also seeking extras:
Please send headshots / resumes and reels (if available) to by Wednesday, April 21st.

OXFORD BOY– 20’s. Oxford shoes and a permanently tucked in shirt. Thought he was ready for life.

HOMELESS MAN– Exhausted but believes in God.

STUDENTS– studying, playing ball, mocking preacher, causing Emma trouble. Just living life.