The short film BLOCK is shooting this June in West Chester, PA and we are in need of extras! We are looking for LGBTQ folks to help us tell the coming-of-age coming out story of Kit O’Brien and her sidekick BLOCK.

Film Synopsis:

After realizing she’s gay, Kit O’Brien is soon accompanied by a not-so-friendly sidekick named BLOCK – which just so happens to take the form of a literal 30 pound cement cinder block. Invisible to everyone else but her, Kit realizes that the only way to shake this burden is to face her fears – She’s gotta come out of the closet. What starts off as a fight to show her true colors to the world, turns into a remarkable journey of release, acceptance, and celebration.


Monday June 24 5:30-10:00pm


Production is seeking 30-40 extras for a gay bar/karaoke scene. This is a key scene to Kit’s coming out storyline and we need to recreate the best, most authentic, celebratory gay bar experience. We are seeking LGBTQ, non-binary, drag queens/kings, and straight allies to fill the space and just straight up SLAY. This is a queer-friendly set.


All extra roles are unpaid. Food and film credit will be provided.

If you’re interested in being an extra, please send your resume, headshot, and/or reel to Thank you for interest in being a part of BLOCK and we look forward to working with you!

Visit for a full synopsis, meet the team, and watch our teaser trailer.