To All Producers and Executive Producers,

Our award winning TV pilot, “Reel Life”, has received 9 first place awards, 3 second place, and a total of 16 official selections. We’ve submitted to over two dozen other film festivals who have personally reached out for our submission, with that, we expect more success on the way!
You can view those credentials here:

Myself (John Rifici) and my co-director (Dustin Detore) are looking to continue production of our series and with that we’re looking for a dedicated, passionate, and business minded producer. Our product is proven for success with overwhelming positive reviews and feedback. With a proper marketing direction this show can be lucrative for everyone involved.
You can view our pilot, upvotes, and comments here:

Due to our highly demanding commitments (Writing, Directing, Casting, etc.) We’re unable to dedicate the time towards the marketing that this project deserves. My partner and I will be passionately covering the creative and greater production processes of the show and are looking for an individual to oversee the marketing, social media and other various remaining business aspects.

What We’re Looking For:
– Build Business Strategies
– Marketing / Social Media Experience

What We’re Offering:
– Negotiable Percentage of Revenue
– Award Winning IMDB Credits
– Exposure to world wide film festivals and networking opportunities has treated us well during our casting and crew process for this very same project and we’re confident that it will continue to do so for this new opportunity. Please reach out to us for further details!

Contact Information:
Phone: (856) 287-3604