Temple thesis film, Sheet Music, is looking for 3 associate producers to manage fundraising and social media.

Sheet Music follows two black musicians, Aryan Coogan Jr. and Jane Claude (J.C.) backstage about to perform at a fictional Harlem nightclub in the 1930’s: The Kitty Kat Matinee, a white-owned establishment. As they sit in the poorly conditioned dressing room/janitor’s closet, they are left alone with nothing but their inner thoughts and anxieties. Upon Adryan realizing he’s forgotten his sheet music, the duo open up to each other in a conversation that leads them to make a crucial decision, putting the future of their careers on the line.

We are looking for the following roles:

2 Fundraising Associate Producers
-This will include managing a fundraising campaign, help with grant writing, and researching organizations for outreach.

1 Social Media Manager
-This will include designing content for social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

We are looking to raise around $4,000 starting in mid-October. Experience is preferred, but not necessary.

If these roles interest you, please email tuj06695@temple.edu and include the role you are interested in in the subject line, as well as any previous experience you have.