Aspiring Cinematographer/DP for Experimental Feature Film Length Web Series

*Please note that all cast and crew positions are strictly volunteer for this production.

Looking for a creative, up-and-coming DP to film for our experimental project. This is a shoestring budget production. Cast and crew, non-union. Our goal is to create a relatable story-– a thriller about unrequited love. We will not be looking for theatrical release or distribution deals when the film is complete. We’re going straight to social media and will release our story in mini-episodes.

Since there’s no pay and no empty promises of distribution or red carpet premieres, this gig is probably a better match for someone who’s either just starting out, someone who’s looking for an opportunity to have real and substantial creative input– or someone who simply has missed working during COVID and wants to be back on-set. We will be listing the film on IMDb, will credit the cast and crew and will aggressively promote the project and its cast aqnd crew across social media.

If you’re interested, you don’t need the latest RED camera or $5,000 drone. We’d rather see a few examples of your past/recent work and hear about your passion and vision for creating something new.

That said, please mention if you’re familiar with the recent, popular Instagram Reels videos showing simple, low-budget Smartphone hacks to get cool effects, transitions, etc-– techniques like pouring water on the ground or using a mirror to create unique reflections, for example. We’d love to integrate some of those unique/creative effects into our story. If you’re local, have some time in your schdule and would be interested in volunteering your DP skills, we’d love to hear from you.

Our story:Unrequited’ spans 120+ years. Three lead actors will each play five unique characters– one per time period. Our story begins in 1895 and focuses on the main characters who meet with tragedy– then the story jumps through time– picking up decades later showing new incarnations of our characters in their new lives (repeating again like an echo) during the Roaring 20’s, the 60’s, early 90’s and finally current day in 2022 where circumstances have changed for everyone in a big way. *There is light to moderate dialog, so bold cinematography is crucial. The soundtrack is an extensive blend of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s plus current/recent tunes as well.