Looking for several serious-minded actors for lead roles in an experimental feature film. Ultra-low budget production. Cast and crew will be non-union. Our intention is to create a relatable story with a unique end-goal: We will not be looking for theatrical release or distribution deals when the film is complete. Since there’s no pay and no red carpet premiere, this gig is probably a better match for actors who are just starting out and wanting to gain on-set experience. We do intend to list the film on IMDb and credit the cast and crew.

The plan is to go straight to social media and release in episodes. Our focus is to get our story out there and showcase our actors’ talents. While there will be auditions and we’ll be choosing the best actors who submit– we will NOT be making our selections based on who you know, your experience or IMDb status. If you’re local and fit the roles as described, you could be one of our three leads. We’d love to see a wide range of submissions!

Our story:Unrequited‘ spans 120+ years. Each of the three lead actors will play five characters– one in each time period. Our story begins in the late 1800’s and continues moving through generations of the families during the Roaring 20’s, the 60’s, the dawn of the 90’s and finally, current day.

We are casting for:

Lead Actress: Plays five parts/rolls, each as a young woman in her early to mid-20s descending from a well-known and wealthy family in Delaware. In the first four time periods, her characters are relatively similar– She’s smart, a bit shy and somewhat reserved, but it doesn’t stop her from having endless affections for her handsome neighbor. In the first four time periods she a poet, clothing designer, college student and writer. In current day, the story takes a turn and she plays a different type of character.

Physical: 18-32, appears early to mid-20s. Conservative overall appearance. Feminine or a slight tomboy quality would be ideal. Height/weight proportionate. Pale complexion. Hair: Natural color blonde, brunette or redhead. Eyes that pop would be a real plus. *Experience or comfort with riding horses would be a great asset, but not required.

Male Actor #1: Plays five parts across more than a century, each as a young man in his mid-to-late 20s. Each of the characters descend from a successful Delaware merchant who amassed a fortune and built an estate to showcase his wealth. The family’s mansion is located about a mile from another wealthy family with the two sharing occasional friendly interactions. The actor plays roles with a ne’er do well, playboy type demeanor while working as a merchant banker, stock broker, professor and attorney. He’s basically in love– with himself. In 2022, his role is different and circumstances have changed.

Physical: 25-38, appears early 30s. Tall, thin build, clean cut, handsome. 5’10 or taller. Pale complexion. Hair: Dark brown or black.

Male Actor #2: Plays five different parts– with four of the five characters being hardworking stableboy, farmhand and groundskeeper type roles, working on the estates of families of wealth and privilege. Across generations, the girl he sets his sights on is out of his league– much like Katherine and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, his longings and feelings go unnoticed. In current day, however, roles are reversed and things have changed for everyone in a significant way.

Physical: 20-35, appears mid 20s to early 30s– a little scruffy. 5’9 to 6′ would be ideal. Strong, stocky build preferred but open to thin/slight build. Complexion: tan, olive skin would be ideal, but would consider pale.

Unrequited‘ will be filming near the Pennsylvania/Delaware state line beginning early 2022. Submit contact information with current headshot, physical stats and cover letter or relative information.