Looking for several actors for supporting roles in an experimental feature film w/a shoestring budget production. Cast and crew will be non-union. Our goal is to create a unique but relatable story about love that goes unanswered– echoing in time, repeating and each time ending badly across more than 100 years.

Our end-goal does not involve looking for theatrical release or distribution deals when the film is complete. The plan is to go straight to social media and release in episodes. Our focus is to get our story out there and showcase our actors’ talents. While there will be auditions and we’ll be choosing the best actors who submit– we will NOT be making our selections based on who you know, your experience or IMDb status. If you’re local, fit the roles as described and turn in a solid audition tape== that’s what matters most. We’d love to see a wide range of submissions!

Our story: ‘Unrequited‘ spans 120+ years. Each of the three lead actors will play five characters beginning in the late 1800’s and continues moving through the Roaring 20’s, the 60’s, the early 90’s and finally, current day. Our supporting actors will play key friends, parents and associates of our lead characters.

We are casting for:

Lead Actress: Plays five parts/rolls, each as a young woman in her early to mid-20s descending from a well-known and wealthy family in Delaware. In the first four time periods, her characters are relatively similar– She’s smart, a bit shy and somewhat reserved, but it doesn’t stop her from having endless affections for her handsome neighbor. In the first two time periods, she is a love-struck 20-something. In the 60’s and 90’s she plays a college student and succesful writer. In current day, however, the story takes a turn and she plays a different type of character.

Physical: 18-32, appears early to mid-20s. Conservative overall appearance. Feminine, mousey or a slight tomboy quality would be ideal. Crucial attributes for this character: Petite, height/weight proportionate. Pale complexion. Hair: Natural-looking brunette or redhead. Big blue eyes.

*Experience or comfort around horses would be a great asset, but not required. *Licensed driver, required for two scenes.

Supporting Actress – Jenny: Introduced in our last time period, (present day) this character plays an aspiring actress with almost no experience. She submits a video audition for a lead role that impresses the project’s director, but her overall lack of experience leaves her at a disadvantage to seal the deal. The project’s writer/director believes she is perfect for this crucial role, so he offers to begin working with her in order to craft the perfect performace.

For both characters, romance is definitely not on their radar. She doesn’t want to get hurt again. He doesn’t want to get used again. As they spend time together though, their friendship grows and they both begin to see potential for something more. *Requires a subtle, nuanced performance with real vulnerability for this role. Note: Brief close/physical contact scenes involving hand-holding, slow dancing.
Physical: 25-35, appears early to late-20’s. Conservative, innocent, feminine, non-edgy look would be ideal. Character is very attractive, but doesn’t seem to know it or show it off. Height/weight proportionate, 5′ 8″ or under. Pale complexion. Hair: Natural- looking color: blonde, brunette or redhead. Eyes that pop would be a real plus.

Male Actor, Supporting: Plays the advice-giving father to adult son who he feels needs to work hard, keep his head down and know his place in society.

Physical: 45-58, appears early 50s. Average height to tall, thin/average or slightly stocky build. Pale to olive complexion. Hair: Medium to dark brown, black or greying.

‘Unrequited‘ will be filming near the Pennsylvania/Delaware state line beginning Spring 2022. Submit contact information with current headshot, demo reel (if applicable) physical stats w/age and cover letter or relative information.