Casting extras for multiple roles in a short film; “The Roar”.

Group 1 Extras:

Will consist of 3 individuals between the ages of 16-19 years old, who appear to be their age. Can’t look super mature or older for your age. If you are older but can pass for an older teenager, that’s even better!
Any Ethnicity.
Any Stature or Weight.
Men & Women Welcome!

If “young and up to no good” had a face, that’s what we’d need you to convey in these roles with your look. These teens are the backup accomplices or “flunkies” to “Ross”, the oldest teen out the group who is the ringleader. These teens go around getting into trouble and doing the opposite of what’s right, with the only guidance being from Ross whom they choose to follow after.

Group 2 Extras:

Will consist of a group of young teens and pre-teens who own their own mountain or trick bike and can-do stunts and tricks. Being able to do wheelies and hold for a good amount of time is key for the extras to know how to do, as you’ll be performing in a scene where you show off your best stunts & tricks on your bike.

Any Ethnicity.
Any Weight & Height.
Between the ages of 11-14 years old.
Boys & Girls Welcome!

The shoot is for one day taking place in May, but we ask that actors be open to shooting on more than one day, in the case of possible reasons production may need you to be.

This job is a paid gig of $50 a day.
No experience is necessary in any of the roles. ALL ROLES ARE NON-SPEAKING ROLES.

Please respond via email with your name, age, number, photos of you & your social media platforms (Ig or TikTok etc).
I look forward to speaking with you.
Super cool production team and cast!