From Tragedy to Triumph will demonstrate the power of collaboration as we
attempt to tell a more complete history chronicling the plight of the African
American. The Art Schools at USC will use their collective voices to educate a
wide population about the tragedies and triumphs experienced by African
Americans via a series of key chapters that serve as pivotal moments in the
African Diaspora. Those chapters will include the following:
• The Middle Passage
• Religious Conversion (Christianity)
• The Antebellum South (Plantation dynamics)
• The Moment of Jubilee (Emancipation)
• Jim Crow (blues, gospel, jazz, R&B, etc.)
• Kings’ Dream (Civil Rights Movement)
• I Can’t Breathe (BLM)

Each chapter has been assigned a filmmaker, writer, and composer to craft a story which more accurately relays the events of that period in history.

Group #2 “The Religious Conversion” covers the conversion of enslaved Africans to Christianity. This group is looking for an animator to help visually portray their story. The animation includes a religious festival in Nigeria and groups of people dancing and celebrating. We are open to abstract and inventive ways of portraying this scene through art. The premiere of this film will be online through the University of Southern California on Feb 15th, 2020.

All ages are welcome to apply. You will receive paid compensation for your help on this project. Please send your resume and reel to