We are looking for a 25-35 year old woman to play the “Young Woman” in a horror film shooting in Mount Airy.

This film is a silent film with emphasis on expression and emotion. The role of the young woman would only be needed on one day – September 13th – in Mount Airy, Philadelphia. The role will shoot mostly in front of a green screen but possibly a few scenes in the woods as well. There is no nudity involved and the role pays $150 for the day (it will be 5-6 hours).

It is important that the candidate for this role resembles a young version of the older woman – so please send either a link to resume with photos or attach some to the email. Links to previous work or even just auditions for other projects are also important to see emotional range and further compatibility with the other actor.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have as well.

Thank you.