Los Banditos Pictures is currently looking to fill a role for an upcoming webisode series entitled: Marginal Space. It will be an anthology series that will have characters from certain episodes interwoven throughout the first season. We are currently looking for the following FEMALE ROLE:

Rachel Kolifrath (mid 20’s – early 30’s): she’s a temperamental knock out who will literally knock you out if she has too.

We would encourage ethnicities of any kind to submit a headshot, reel, and/or resume, but we are aiming to make the show as ethnically diverse as possible. Anyone with an interest or background in comedic acting is strongly encouraged.

Please email for available sides and to schedule an audition — WEEKENDS AND EVENINGS WORK BEST. We are aiming to shoot the weekend of April 20th-21st in South Philly, and will most likely only need you for one shooting day. If any questions, feel free to contact via email or phone.