To Avenge is recasting for the role of Vera. We welcome submissions from all actors who fit the descritption and citeria below.

Role: Vera

An intelligent, tech-savy young woman, a hard worker and recent graduate from college, at 20 years of age. She took college courses in high school and is graduating a year early.

Vera has a sweet, innocent look about her. She’s petite in height and frame. (preferably 5’4″ or smaller) The actors playing her parents are both already known/booked– so Vera must resemble them with a pale complexion, dark hair and blue eyes. The physical description provided is crucial to the story: Appear 20 years of age, petite, thin build, long dark hair, natural blue eyes, pale complexion.

Note: Nudity is required. There is a brief scene where Vera is exposed below the waist, from the back as she’s being assaulted. In the scene, her jeans are pulled down to just above her knees. As a result, her buttocks/thigh area above the knees are fully exposed.

The assault scene as planned, will translate into approximately 4-5 minutes of screen time. The on-screen nudity portion is being filmed in such a way that it is brief (about 2-seconds or less) and is not gratuitous.

Please only submit for this role if that’s something you are entirely comfortable with. You must already be 18+ to submit for this role– No exceptions. Only experienced actors with a proven track record should apply. When you submit, please include a cover letter and ALL requsted/relevant info, including exact age, recent headshot and body stats. Please direct us to your IMDb page and reel. Relevant social media links are welcome as well.

‘To Avenge’ is a story about a young woman’s bravery, strength and resilience in the wake of a terrible crime. Additional background info about the storyline and Vera as a character can be found on the ‘To Avenge’ website and on IMDb.

Contingent upon COVID-related restrictions, we are looking to begin filming in early fall 2021. We will be shooting in and around Ocean City, MD with additional scenes shot in the Delaware shore area, Cape May, NJ, Chester County and Delaware County, PA.