Looking to start off 2021 with a great film project to add to your film resume? Look no further!
Good Stuff is an upcoming feature film which we are having auditions for all of the parts listed below:

Charlie-male, age 80-90 stern, witty, good guy

Tank- age 30-40 arrogant, dishonest, tough guy

Jeff- age 30-40 banker type

Fuzz- age 30-40 Tanks friend, similar

Slip- age 30-40 Tanks friend, similar

Chico- age 30-40 Tanks friend, similar

Misty- age 30-40 Tank’s girlfriend, similar to Tank

Good Stuff is a terrific script written by writer/director Samuel Accardi. is In his delusional world, Ron and his ‘all talk’ garage band buddies dream of becoming rock stars. Misguided and morally consumed, Ron is losing himself, his wife and son. Is it too late to change his pathetic ways?
Filming will commence in Wildwood, New Jersey in April, food and lodging will be provided. Pay is non union, $100 per day.
If interested, please email me at goodstuffcasting@gmail.com. We also have smaller roles in the story.
Thanks and have a great day everyone!