Casting for “Edge of an Age,” a short film. Synopsis: After publicly coming out as transgender and discovering the people in his life are less accepting than he had hoped, a college freshman finds some unlikely friends in a group of amateur filmmakers.


TOM KIPLING: Transgender Male, 18-23, All ethnicities, Talented photographer. Values fairness and honesty. Fears that no one will ever fully accept him as a transgender man.
ELIZABETH VAUGHN: Female, 18-23, All ethnicities, Tom’s childhood best friend, and the only person who stays friends with him after he comes out as transgender. Secretly crushing on Tom.
VICTORIA FARE: Female, 18-25, All ethnicities, the brains of the operation, smart but stubborn, harsh with her friends but has a soft spot for Tom.
GIO TAYLOR: Male, 18-25, All ethnicities, De facto leader of the group; easygoing, laidback.
JO SMITH: Female, 18-25, All ethnicities, the nonchalant photographer and editor for “Edge of an Age”, A bit of a computer-wiz. Is immediately accepting of Tom.
SECURITY GUARD: All genders, 35+, All ethnicities, works at the parking garage that Tom, Victoria, Gio, and Jo are illegally filming at, hates their job.
MALE AND FEMALE BULLY: Male and Female, 18-23, All ethnicities, a bully; purposely misgenders Tom in hopes of getting a reaction out of him.

NOTE: Only interested in considering trans-masc talent for the role of TOM.



HOW TO AUDITION: Contact Rue McWilliams at for information on how to audition. All auditions will be conducted remotely. This project will require both remote and in-person filming in the Philadelphia area.