This production of “Willa” is based upon a short story written by Stephen King and published in 2006.

Reminiscent of an old-fashioned ghost story, the characters find themselves at a stand still after their cross country train derails in Wyoming. We follow David Sanderson as he attempts to find his fiancée, Willa, as quickly as possible before the pick-up train arrives. What David finds in his journey across the wolf infested desert and into a local honky-tonk bar, however, is that Willa is right about him; he never sees what is right in front of his eyes.

If interested, please email “willafilm2020@gmail.com” by February 12th with resume and reel, if possible.

Character Breakdowns

David Sanderson
Male, 20s, fiancé to Willa. Diplomatic, agreeable, and determined investment banker.

Willa Stuart
Female, 20s, David’s fiancée. Uninhibited, confident, and decisive free-spirit.

Henry Lander
Male, 50s-70s, husband of Ruth. Headstrong, calm, logical.

Ruth Lander
Female, 50s-70s, wife of Henry. Easily upset. Emotionally expressive.

Phil Palmer
Male, 50s-70s. Retired insurance man and husband of Helen. Wise-ass. Always joking around. Casual behavior as a defensive mechanism.

Helen Palmer
Female, 50s-70s. Wife of Phil. Suffering from both Cancer and Alzheimers. Somewhat uncontrollable.

Female, any age from 20s onward. Caretaker. Sensitive.

Male, 40s-70s. Book salesman with a limp. Shares his opinion and experiences freely.

Ursula Davis
Female, any age from 20s onward. Rude, blunt, short temper.

Male, 40s-50s. Executive at Staples. Looks quiet, however quite exuberant under these circumstances.

Georgia Andreeson
Female, 20s-40s. Mother of Pammy. No patience, one track minded.

Pammy Andreeson
Female, 5-12. Daughter of Georgia. Honest and loud.

Male, any age from 20s onward. Nimble and light. Calm and soft spoken, he is the sensitive train conductor that attempts to keep professionalism.

Male, 20s. Stocky Irishman Seattle Mariners fan. Isn’t afraid to tell anybody off.

Female, any age. Easily surprised, foul mouthed.

Male, 20s-30s. Helpful, hardworking.

Chester Dawson (non speaking role)
Male, 40s. On route to Seattle with electronics.

Cowgirl 1 (non speaking role)
Cowgirl 2 (non speaking role)
Cowboy 1 (non speaking role)
Cowboy 2 (non speaking role)
Bartender 1 (non speaking role)
Bartender 2 (non speaking role)