Seeking actors for the following roles in a series of skits to be produced and streamed on YouTube to showcase dramatic roles for Winborn Productions.

Mr. E: African American male 5’6-5’9 ages 35-50 yrs old (Stern father with some anger issues)

Ms. E: African American female 5’5-5’9 ages 40-60 yrs old (Strong mother with religious convictions that play a huge part in her life)

Eleanor: African American female 5’6-5’9 ages 30’s-45 yrs old (Wife with a kind heart and sarcastic attitude)

Theodore: African American male brown skinned 5’5-5’8 ages 14-18 yrs old (Teen with attitude, and a strong dislike for school and rules)

William: African American male brown skinned 5’8-6ft ages 40-55 yrs (Father and husband with a comedic personality)

**Auditions to be held in Philadelphia**

Please submit headshots along with any reels or monologues to and