Seeking actors for a short Drama.

Oxytocin is a short film about Love, Sex, and Loneliness and finding happiness in 2020.


!!!We are searching for actors of all Ethnicities, Abilities and Sizes to portray the roles listed below.!!!

Jade- (28-45) A sex and love therapist. She is quirky, a bit all over the place, but cares deeply about her clients.

Georgia- (50-60) Jades client, A manic depressive, currently experiencing a hyper sexual episode (involving a celebrity chef “Mauritzio Benito” and various Vegetables.) that sends her husband to the hospital.

Maggie- (20-25) works for an online magazine (think buzzfeed) she is shy, and hesitant at work. She has a desire to grow personally through the stories of others.

Lex- (20-25) A bisexual thespian on a first date.

Skylar- (20-30) A nervous, bookish lesbian, a first date.

Kevin and Tim- (30-45)A gay couple whose adoption has just been finalized.

Elle- (20-25) a sex worker/ hardworking woman trying to make it in 2020.

Lowell- Elles fan. Any age. Strong actor.

-We are also seeking a Variety of smaller roles you may also be considered for like enployees and Elles grandmother.

If you are interested in a self tape audition please email your headshot, resume and reel is applicable to: