In need of five actors for a music video shooting at a house in Upper Black Eddy, PA on October 5th and October 6th

The video centers around four main characters. As the song progresses, the darker side of each of their seemingly successful/glamorous lifestyles reveals itself.

Business Man (40-50 yo)
In front of a TV watching the stock market with a bluetooth and cell phone. His living room is a mess full of chinese food and pizza boxes and empty whiskey bottles.

‘Instagram Influencer’ (12-18 yo)
Taking pictures in front of posters. Switching between the beach, Paris, and a water backdrop with an inner tube on the floor. She changes costume with each background, living her pretend life online.

Model (35-50 yo)
A model, seemingly happy, putting on makeup and trying on outfits. She becomes frantic, putting on an absurd amount of makeup as she tries to keep up with the photographer taking pictures of her. A crazed look comes over her face and she becomes totally disheveled.

DJ (20-30 yo) DJ’ing in a setting that looks like a dance club. Music stops and they flick on the lights and it’s just their basement full of mannequins with smoke machine and party lights.

Limo Driver (50-70 yo) He is also the man who stars in an infomercial that each of the characters see on their TV, cell phone, etc. He asks them to call the number 1-800-SUCCESS. After each of the characters does so, the same man picks them up in a limo, but eventually robs them at gunpoint of all their possessions.

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