Looking for actors in the Philadelphia PA area for a new short episode of the dark supernatural drama web series, “Grimoire” (Season 2). Low budget production. Please check all the details on the casting call sheet.

Paid (check character details) IMDb Credit. Travel Compensation. Food/Water provided.

To Audition:
Please send your headshot and reel to GrimoireWebSeries@Gmail.com

Episode Title: Class Clown
Plot: In this creative writing class, everyone wants to be the teacher’s pet, even if it means tolerating the teacher’s prejudiced and racist remarks. Little do they know, there’s something even more sinister about to surface.

Filming on Temple University campus on Monday June 10th 2019 in Philadelphia, PA.

$50 for supporting role. $35 for small roles. IMDB credit. Travel compensation. Water/food provided.

Vivian (supporting)
Age: 23-26
Bodytype: Any
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
The black sheep of the group, she simply wants to learn and push her peers forward with positive feedback.

Students (small roles)

Ages: 22-30
Bodytypes: Any
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
A variety of students, each is trying to stand out to the teacher.