We’re making a short film in and around the Pottstown area. It’s a distopic dark comedy about a future world where masculinity is a crime. We’re looking for actors to fill several of the roles and even backups just in case.

John Little, 27, Capricorn, grew up in a world that suppressed masculinity. He was thwarted of the many little things a boy naturally needs to develop himself, such as intense physical activities, toys he could smash, and the ability to just do stupid stuff and not be criticized or punished for it. He’s married to Regina, she pursued him years ago, he’s alright with her but his automatic response is to go with the flow when it comes to women so he hasn’t explored what he wants in the relationship. He took on her last name unfortunately. Also he works at a fast food place. Could never focus in school much like many of his male peers. His father was a pushover like him.

Regina Little, 30, Scorpio, grew up with great support from her parents. But her father was a bit of a pushover like Johnson is. Her parents relationship wasn’t a healthy one and the same problems plague hers. She excelled in school and now works a very satisfying high level corporate job and is the breadwinner for the family, but she still wants something more from life. Her deepest darkest secret is she’s not ready to have kids with this man.

Harry Renaldo, 25, Aries, is Johnson’s next door neighbor. A bit spoiled growing up as a kid, had no friends, but is clever. Like his father he’s looked for ways to reclaim some of his masculinity. His wife kinda suspects, but she finds pleasure from him being more of a man so she doesn’t bring it up.

Cynthia Renaldo, 24, Gemini, is a writer, writes romantic fiction. Doesn’t tell anybody but she borrows inspiration from her actual love life. People think it’s all based on research from barbaric times. She grew up in America, but had immigrant parents who worked their buts off and in private actually believed in equal opportunity and imparted that value to her.

Mary Red, 22, Leo, a neighbor, single “by choice” she considers her self a-sexual, uses gender fluid pronouns, and has come to despise men completely. After her mom died her father abused her, and years later he got caught and arrested. So she spent her teenage years an orphan.

Nancy Randall, 39, Virgo, is judge in their small town, doesn’t let anybody read her, but has seen many men destroyed unfairly and has come to hate the new regime her world has created.

Jane Arnold, 24, Taurus, Married to Greg, fearful of Mary Red, Neighbors with the other women.

Peter Romero, 35, Leo, it’s said that he’s married, but nobody ever sees his wife.

Greg Arnold, 26, Pisces, married to Jane, does whatever she says like a robot.

“Police Woman” Betsy King, 29, Sagittarius, is overly difficult on all of the men in this town. Like a hawk if she even sniffs out the mere hint of misogyny she’ll swoop in and bring punishment to the perpetrator. The truth is she might just want to protect women from men.

“Woman Bystander” Samantha Whitlock, 19, Aries, she works at one of the shops in town, not a lot happens in her life, but if something small does then she’ll make a big deal out of it.

“Woman Bystander Two” Hannah Klein, 20, Aquarius, attractive, likes to go shopping, and tends to have no problem distorting the truth.

“Doctor Woman” Brianne Dougherty, 30, Capricorn, chooses to be the one who enacts “surgical punishment” to the men who misbehave in this town.

We’re set to finish shooting before the end of June/beginning of July. If you’re interested reach out as soon as you can. Email us at nonproffittfilms@gmail.com