What’s Big Thud? Big Thud is comedy web series written and created by Caitlyn Augustyn & Madison Kumor. It’s about two best friends and their real life experiences and the way they dealt with it. It is an open love letter to friendship, the City of Philadelphia, the LGBTQ community, the Comedy Scene in Philadelphia and body positivity. We want our audience to learn something, relate, laugh and feel empowered; if we accomplish that with just one viewer, we won!

Ms. Jenkins – This role is voice only. it would be an irate customer talking down to the main character.

Receptionist- This role is voice only. You’re making a call to give bad test results.

Office Extras- You would play a team member in an office and would have sing an over done rendition of Happy Birthday.

Brunch Extras- Background for a Brunch Scene.

Veronica- Serving dirty looks and a sassy one liner. Bitchy office girl.

Receptionist 2- Older female, sassy, making an in house appointment with the main character.

We appreciate anyone that’s willing to help us in this journey; we’re so excited to see how everything turns out and to have YOU be a part of the magic. If interested please send resume/your website/portfolio/headshot or whatever you may have to . This project is volunteer based due to being a low budget passion project. Serious inquiries only.