The project is a short dark comedy film about a novitiate (a nun initiate) on the day before her final vows, doubtful of her upcoming commitment, coming across a nihilist hitman who is at her chapel to assassinate a Bishop.

The roles:

THE NOVITIATE: (20-30 years old, female) The main character. A doubtful quiet novitiate grappling with a huge decision. Most of her struggle in the film is internal (until the very end, when she explodes) so an ability to portray emotional and mental turmoil without speaking is very necessary.

NIHILIST ONE: (20-30 years old, male) The secondary character. The most comedic role. He is a rather ridiculous character, like a Bill Burr rant come to life, who loses faith in his cause over the short film. So being able to believably pull off humor while still being able to get serious is very necessary.

THE SISTER: (40-70 years old, female) An unhappy, rough-around-the-edges nun who spends most of the film upset about a sandwich. So an ability to believably pull off being upset about a sandwich without being over the top is very necessary.

NIHILIST TWO: (30-60 years old, male) A by-the-books nihilist hitman, acts more like an accountant than a nihilist hitman. The kind of guy who’d correct you for using the wrong form of “their” and be completely unironic about it.

If you are interested in any of the roles, send me an email stating which role you’d like to audition for, along with a headshot, reel, resume, and whatever else you may think is relevant.

Payment will be discussed upon meeting. I have a decently sized budget so you will not be getting nothing!

Thank you.