Four students attempt a ritual to contact the dead but the ritual does not go as planned and they are hunted by a servant of the Irish Goddess of death and shadows.

BETHA: (Female, any ethnicity, ages 20-30). Main Character. Betha uses the ritual as an attempt to speak with her grandmother one final time. In the years that follow, Betha is haunted by this decision

DYLAN/Kelly: (Any gender, any ethnicity, ages 20-30). A good, trusting person, they will do anything to help their friends.

ELLIE: (Female, any ethnicity, ages 20-30). Hardworking and smart, Ellie is skeptical about the ritual but ultimately goes along with it for life experience.

JAMES: (Male, any ethnicity, ages 20-26). Tortured by the unexpected death of his older brother, James will do anything to say goodbye and talk to him one more time.

DISCLAIMER: The ritual will require actors to film in partial nudity. However, the editor will attempt to cut around it and work with everyone’s comfortability

Meals and copy provided.

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