Log Line: a man deals with an awkward dinner after a dangerous encounter with his best friend.

This project is a short film with the screen running time of 10 minutes, I am looking for 4 actors two girls and two guys to play:
Wayane- acts panicked and snarky
Sara- acts posh and a spiteful
Vanessa- acts naive and has a bit of a country accent
Bogart- acts collective and confident with a little arrogance

The shoot date for this film would be July 2nd for 4-5 hours because I wont be shooting multi-cam, Also the location is a house in a Lansdowne PA transportation will not be provided, this is a student film, this is also volunteer work so will be offering a copy of the finished product credit to all who participate, and snacks when filming is done.

So if this interest you please send a picture of yourself and or a video with you acting in some of your past work to hiddenaristocratproductions@gmail.com and we shall go from there with the script and anymore question you might have, thank you.