Sapphire is a short-film-production about a disturbed, powerful, morally ambiguous vigilante. She hunts down criminals, abusers, scammers etc. and dishes out her own style of violent justice.

Filming will begin in the spring.

Roles needed.

Sapphire – 20-40 Female. Must be able to embody extreme physicality like super strength and speed. Due to the style/genre of this film wardrobe choices are very revealing. No nudity, but think “punk lingerie” look.

Henry – Male, Sapphires love interest/potential adversary. English accent necessary and the ability to convey a cocky bravado.

Crumm – Male, 40s, crooked corporate account. Weasel. Two-face. Not likeable. Really thin frame preferred.

Criminals 1-3. Any age, gender, ethnicity. Must be able to portray scam artists and troubled individuals with very bad intentions.

Thank you for your interest in this project. When Sapphire is released all actors will be given an IMDb credit for their time and talent.

NOTE: This film is not for the faint hearted. It will portray graphic violence, artistic sexuality, harsh language and controversial and taboo subject matter.

Absolutely NO SUBMISSIONS under the age of 21.

Thank you