Last call for Actors, Directors/DP’s/Crew/Editors to be a part of a unique film contest, “Philly Film Battle” 2019! What makes this contest different and challenging is the fact that teams will be made up from a random drawing of captains/Directors, DP’s, actors, and editors, etc, it will be unique because each team will have to adapt to and learn about each others different skills to create the vision of their film. To make the film battle even more challenging, each team will not be able to choose the genre of their short film as the contest director will be selecting for them.
This film battle contest will test each teams creative ability as well as their endurance of creating team cohesiveness among the cast and crew. The following rules apply: Each team will have one week to write the script of the genre that was chosen for them, whether it’s a horror, comedy, or drama. Each team will then have ten days to shoot their short film which the minimum length run time will be required to be twenty minutes and not longer. Whatever actors and crew each team has, is what they have to work with to create their short film so this is where the creativeness comes into play. Each team will be required to submit their scripts to the contest creator for final approval prior to filming, as well as after the ten day deadline, the completed shot and edited film will also be submitted to the contest creator.

There will be a showcase of all the completed films for everyone to view, which there will be judging for best short films, a 1’st, 2’nd, and 3’rd place finalists. In addition, there will be judging for best directors, actors/actresses, Cinematography, effects, and editing. Overall, this will be a lot of fun, as well as a great networking opportunity to work with other people in the industry and hopefully to make this an annual tradition. This contest has also been posted on IMDB which we have received a tremendous response from actors all over! So, who is up for this awesome film contest challenge that will be unlike any other, and test the ability of each team’s out of the box thinking to create their vision and build that team camaraderie? “Philly Film Battle” 2019 who will stand tall?!

To be considered: Directors/Crew/Editors, etc. please send resumes as well as a brief cover as to why you would like to be a part of the contest/ Send to and in subject line please put Directors/Crew/Editors, etc ATTN: “Philly Film Battle” Creator. Note: Contest is slated to start sometime in October or November depending on amount of submissions received, serious inquiries only please. We look forward to receiving submissions and getting the battle started!