Realadelphia is a movie series based in Philadelphia where all categories are addressed from Money, murder, sex drugs and family. Black Collar Productions need all roles filled

Boom- Age 19-22
(slim build- muscular)

Type of Character: Humble, a hustler, fair Morals, loyal, aint no killer but don’t push him

Compared to: Ace from Paid In Full, Q from Juice

Nardo- Age 21-24
(muscular build- chubby)

Type of Character: wild, Ruthless, hard, crazy and shoutout, street mentality, Gangsta, fearless, grimmey, get it by any means, cold hearted
Compared to: Rico from Paid In Full/ Bishop from Juice

Flyguy- Age 19-22
( skinny- muscular build)

Type of Character: Street, Hustler, ride for the team, sense of humor, get it by any means, fly nigga
Compared to: G money from New Jack City

TiTi- Age 35-40
( thick- chubby)

Type of Character: Hustler, street Queen, fearless, about her business, boss, family first, don’t bite her tongue, loyal, stuck in her ways

Compared to: Griselda Blanco, Cleo from set it off,

Poo Bear- Age 14-16

Type of Character: Bad as shit, glorify the streets, young rapper, leader,take risks, younger than what he looks

Pedro- Age 40-50
( Spanish)

Type of Character: Boss, leader broken english

NuNu- Age 30-35
( spanish)
Type of Character: soldier, broken english, don’t like outsiders

Riq- Age 21-24
( not preferred)

Type of Character: Cold hearted, reckless, don’t give a fuck attitude

Type of Character: Nosey neighbor

Detective Barksdale- Age Mid 30-40
( Caucasian )

Umar- Age 30-33
( husky-chubby)

Type of Character: Used to be wild and ruthless now humble,

Compared to: Melvin off Baby Boy

Mizz- Age 21-24
( B Role)

Five- Age 21-24
( B Role)

Nay- Age 35-40
( B Role)

Teddy- Age 30-35
(B Role)

Wayne- Age 14-16
( B Role)

in person Auditions Feb 2021… All members must wear mask at Audition and on every set and must follow social distance protocol….Experience is not recommended please send headshots resumes and/or reels to